Jcx Software in Sydney, New South Wales - Jcx.Software's Vs.Php rife with bugs, terrible customer and technical support

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I can't say how many bugs are in Vs.Php 2010, cause I lost count. Their customer and technical support are terrible. Never had an resolved, nor even respond in acknowledgement of an issue. Vs.Php 2012 trial version has convinced me beyond any doubt not to purchase this product, and advise anyone thinking about buying this PHP IDE add on to Visual Studio .NET, not to, or learn the hard way not to.

I purchased this product as I develop using Visual Studio .NET which I have been from the first version (and before it was .NET) to Visual Studio .NET 2012. VS.NET (all versions) is the best IDE I have used. I purchased Vs.Php thinking that VS.NET's elegance and intricacies would flow though to PHP using Vs.Php. I did waste a thought alright. Vs.Php (attempts to) extends VS.NET's IntelliSense to PHP. It doesn't do a very good job of being an editor on par with Visual Studio.NET, and is not like it.

Any product suggestion or bug report will float on their customer or technical support area, with out response, for the longest periods. Please, I beg you, don't take my word on that, hop off to their website's support section and see for yourself.

There is also their shopping cart facility. They use Regnow, another big story but won't get into them here. As I am writing this post, $USD 49.99 = $AUD 48.21. $USD 49.99, is the price of their [Jcx.Software's] Vs.Php 2012 upgrade license. When purchasing, or about to, the price is stated as $AUD 52.99. I informed Jcx.Software of this discrepancy. They instructed me to take this issue up with Regnow, and that they probably haven't updated their exchange rate ratios. Well thanks Jcx.Software, for this amazing insight and bombastic display of profundity.

I very quickly threw that back at them suggesting they take this issue up with Regnow, and to inform me when all is fixed. Won't be waiting till Christmas for that to happen, that's another year away.

If you develop PHP on Windows, and maybe on IIS, look for another PHP IDE. There are others out there that, if you only use the PHP-side of their IDE, and VS.NET for CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, all will work fine.

Jcx.Software, your product is atrocious!

Monetary Loss: $100.

Jcx Software in Perth, Western Australia - Bad software and support.

Not resolved

I will start with saying that, the only reason I am still sticking with VS.PHP is because all the other IDE's out there suck and Visual Studio is by far the best, AND JCX are the only ones with a PHP plugin for Visual Studio. So I have a dilemma whereby I have the best IDE out there... with no support for PHP (understandably) except for a plugin that JCX develops... substandard, I might add.

Now that that is over and done with, lets start with getting JCX to recognize that its software is full of ridiculous bugs that are probably trivial to fix. I'd be willing to have a go myself if I were allowed. The quality of the software and quality of support is not the kind of thing that I would expect from something that costs $100.

Right now, I don't value the software at any more than $1.50. I'd be happy to pay $300 for this Visual Studio plugin IF all the showstopper bugs are fixed. I realize obviously that there is going to be bugs, but the bugs and issues that I have found are just ridiculous and are ones that should not get past QA (or lack thereof). I'm having trouble creating a project remotely via my Server 08 box, and via FTP too... just for instance.

I do not care how many good responses you get, here is a bad one, and it alike are ones you should be taking the most seriously. Obviously you aren't going to publish bad comments on publicly, but perhaps you should publish them in your mind and just stop and think. A piece of software, at its very core, should be free of most blocking bugs and should be able to perform AT LEAST its basic described function. That is hard to say of VS.PHP at this very moment.

What also tends to annoy me is the lack of good quality support. It takes too long to get responses, too long to get updates from "administrators". I hope that is because they are under heavy load fixing the problems with the software. One example of poor support is when I finally do get a response to something, I respond VERY quickly... sometimes with a basic question... only to have to wait days, months for the next reply. Why can't it be done instantly? Especially basic questions. Sometimes it feels like I need to prod the staff along to get what I want. That is not how it should work... there needs to be some form of proactivity.

I am not looking to make a scene here, I am just trying all I can to actually get my money's worth AND a piece of software (which.. by the way, has potential) that actually works. Simple as that.

This is something I would expect from an amateur company that eventually throws in the towel and goes open source.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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